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Poet Profile and Audio
From the Fishouse (an audio archive of emerging poets)

Recent Work

"Wren Gets Off the Fence." Poems from Here: Maine Public Radio. August 2023.

"These Days of Growing Older Than You Ever Were," "In Between," "In Between (again)," "Wren Watches." Soft Blow Poetry Journal. March 2022.

"Similarities." Finishing Line Press. August 2012.
Selected Older Work

"Again." Poets Reading the News. October 2018.

"Dementia could be a verb," "Dementia is a supernova," "The first time my uncle wishes you dead" and "Dark Matter." Verse Virtual. November 2017.

"Wren Sees the Future." The Nottingham Review. Autumn 2017.

"Sunday conversation with my grandmother," "Long Weekend," "Here we are, again" and "5 a.m." Rust + Moth. December 2105.  

"Dementia is a noun." Thrush Poetry Journal. November 2015. 

"Wren A," "Wren B," "Wren C." Red Paint Hill Poetry Review. October 2015.

"I've Never Been Able to Write a Poem About my Grandmother." The Poet's Billow. August 2015.

"When I Read About Death in the News." New Verse News. June 2015.

"Wren One" and "Wren Two" Word Riot. February 2015.

"It isn't the way we began but" Front Porch Review.

"Side Street, Barcelona." Epigraph Magazine.

"Can I start by saying I was terrified of you?" Camroc Poetry Review.

"Front Room," "Kefalonia," and "A Wren, a Bear, and a Bicycle." Epigraph Magazine.

"The Seams," "Over Lunch," "From Maine to New York," "People Like You." SOFTBLOW

"And three years passed," "Labyrinth," "Edna and I," and "Messenger." Yale Journal for the Humanities in Medicine.

Poems in Print

"Perfect Circle." English Journal. 
"Salt and Earth." Ocean Magazine.
"Idea of You." Buffalo Creek Review. 
"Testimony." English Journal. 
"When the Mill Closed." Short, Fast & Deadly. 
"Road Trip," "One Year Gone," "Fall Back," Midwest Literary Magazine. 
"Bank Manager." Houston Literary Review. 
"When I Fell." Midwest Literary Magazine. 

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