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Other Writings

Profile of Katherine Bradford. Bowdoin Magazine. May 2022.

Profile of Raquel Jaramillo (Pen Name RJ Palacio). Bowdoin Magazine. May 2022.

Profile of Laurie Lachance. Bowdoin Magazine. May 2022.

Profile of Janet Langhart-Cohen. Bowdoin Magazine. May 2022.

Profile of Joan Benoit Samuelson. Bowdoin Magazine. May 2022.

"The Beauty of Maine." Bowdoin Magazine. March 2020.

"Ahead of the Curve." Bowdoin Magazine. June 2019.

"Are we going to die now." Noteworthy. May 2019.

"When the Garden Started." Bowdoin Magazine. November 2018.

"What is 20 percent?" Medium. October 2018.

"You want to arm teachers." Medium. February 2018.

"School Shootings and Silence." Medium. January 2018.

"Enemies Domestic." Medium. November 2017.

"What is Our One?" Medium. June 2017.

"The Terror of ICE." Medium. April 2017.

"My Grandmother, Refugee." Medium. January 2017.

"Ready to March." Medium. January 2017.

"My Syrian Neighbors." Medium. November 2016; Bowdoin Magazine Winter 2017.

"The First Time I Was Racist." Empire South Magazine. July 2016.

"Dems in the Time of Trump." Medium. May 2016.

"Teenagers and Trump." Medium. March 2016. 


"Teaching, Killing and Endorsed Racism." Medium. January 2016.


"Where the Sun Rises First." Medium. November 2015.


"Bullets in the Classroom." Medium. October 2015.


"The Gratitude Passport." We Said Go Travel. October 2015.


"Pomegranate." Tartine and Bean. January 2015.


"Two Polar Bears Walk Into a Bar in Barcelona." Bowdoin Magazine. Summer 2013.





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